In the vineyard, the family character is expressed through high standards and extreme meticulousness. These are precious values instilled by Philippe and they constitute the House’ pride. His good farming sense supports a sustainable viticulture, in terroir deepest respect. Pragmatic tillage, vineyard grassing, vineyard management, pruning adapted to the grape variety and the plot…

Discover exceptional plots by their soil, their exposure, their vines but also for all the little emotional stories that link them to “la Casa”.

Label Exploitation Haute Valeur Environnementale
Label Viticulteur durable en Champagne


Blends, vintages, plots, stainless steel tanks or oak barrels… there is no shortage of ideas. In the cellar, rigour and patience are the key words. With time, the wines take on the final shape of what makes Philippe Landréat’s style: wines created to be shared!

Chardonnay from every angle.
As you would expect in the famous Côte des Blancs, Chardonnay dominates the winery. Purity of terroir, richness of flavour, aromatic expression, depth of character… it takes on many aspects in winemaking

The Pinot Noir is not to be forgotten.
Its character is already evident in the rosé blend, Propensio. At Vertus, it takes on an unexpected dimension where its structure and density inspire Julien and Philippe for a completely different experience…

Pinot Noir - Champagne Philippe Landréat

Pinot Noir


Chardonnay - Champagne Philippe Landréat
Pinot Meunier - Champagne Philippe Landréat

Pinot Meunier