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Our reason of being is about sharing. Sharing a philosophy based on generosity, on the love of good things and a taste for excellence.

«Faites comme chez nous» (make yourself at home) is a passionate invitation to immerse yourself in our daily life and get to know our family, our terroir… our character. Because there is life in our house! We talk loudly, we sing, we laugh, we dance, we fight…

You will share with us a whole year at Casa Landréat. Between work in the vineyards, elaboration of our cuvées, family meals, ceremonies… Come in, make yourself comfortable, sit at our table and enjoy these moments as you would with your friends or family. Because you are at  home with us as you are with us.

A year at la casa. Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, a lot happens in a winemaker’s year! On the doorstep, the story of twelve months of vineyard work, wine-making and family life begins…

A morning in February – 7:32 am

Let’s start! The year begins. The euphoria of the festive season and the celebrations are behind us. Now it’s time to focus on the new year. In the vineyard, the pruning that began in November continues. In the cellar, the wine waits for its turn.

Around a coffee, a beautiful day in March – 10:18 am

The weather is great! In spring, the vegetation is growing rapidly. The sun is back and gives rhythm to our work. The reflection must be collective. Who takes care of what? A short family break at the living room table; Philippe gives his precious advice.

A Sunday in early April – 11:47 am

Easter is coming. It’s not for religious fervour that this time of year is important, but because the holiday brings the whole family together. It is the first big moment of the year. The small dishes are put in the big ones, generous, rich in flavours.

Champagne Philippe Landréat

Under the May sun – 1:52 pm

In the vineyard, there is now much more effervescence than at the beginning of the year. We meet colleagues who are busy, we greet each other friendly, a little word if we have time. Animals slowly flee at our approach; the vegetation continues to develop… Life is sweet!

The crucial period of flowering is approaching: these flowers that are beginning to show the tip of their nose announce the future bunches. Always an exciting time! What does the year have in store for us? Keep an eye out for insects, they seem to be interested too…

When June comes – 3:11 pm

At home, the sound of bottles resounds. The blend has had time to rest and, just bottled, the second fermentation has already begun. The future is being created: the bottling seals the future of our wines.

On the vineyard side, it is time to focus. The trellising takes up most of our days for most of the month. Meticulous, precise and instinctive gestures to allow the vine to let breathe.

The sweetness of July – 4:22 pm

At last, a little idleness before the harvest! A sweet idleness in the sun, but always an eye on the vineyard. It seems peaceful at first but it continues to grow. We must walk between the rows to make sure the grapes are growing well.

The grassy ground provides a morning freshness before the afternoon light bath. Storms and rains occasionally disturb this warm calm.

August, waiting for the harvest – 5:28 pm

The House is curiously quiet. But the doors are never closed too long. For a short time, the Landréats went out into the sunshine to fill up on energy and vitality, while the grapes quietly did the same.

The grapes are calling us: a return to school with the sweet taste of grape juice, with an equally sunny and festive accent. The harvest is coming and is almost expected.

September, the best month of the year – 6:12 pm

Harvest in full swing. A veritable dance can be observed: harvest crates pass by, the harvesters work in chorus, a human chain is formed like a column of ants from the vine to the press.

The first outlines of the future wines are tasted, a berry on the tip of the tongue, the eye on the refractometer. Every day, the sugar density and acidity level are observed until Philippe reaches the balance he is aiming for. As an experienced winemaker, he knows every corner of his vineyard and knows how to anticipate the harvest circuit. The southern exposure of the plots means that the flavours are beautiful, delicately «muscadé», crisp and full of sunshine.

Champagne Philippe Landréat

October watching out – 7.53pm

Each vat isolates a parcel or a grape variety. The aromas that emerge reflect the richness of their terroirs. The malolactic fermentation is always done to obtain the richness and density of the wine that Philippe is looking for. The still wines remain in vats for a few months, until the next blend, while the bottles on lattes, loaded with bubbles, continue their peaceful aging.

December… the second-best month of the year – 9:07 pm

The long-awaited holiday meals are finally here! The table is set and decorated, and everyone is dressed for the evening. Appetites are ready and the house is decorated, Christine is very attached to it, it’s more than a tradition. The wine cellar has been filled with nuggets, cannons, rockets and other superlative wines that flatter both the preparation and the service. Great meals require great means.

And that’s it. Another year gone by. Many surprises, challenges of course. And the coming year will bring new ones. There is already a certain impatience: so many projects to finish, others to start, what our wines will look like, what the next harvest will give us? We can’t wait.

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